December 6, 2023

Industry News

BHP was Australia’s largest taxpayer in the fiscal year 2022

BHP has today published its Tax Transparency Disclosure FY2022 which showed the company made a total contribution of AUD $11.96 billion (excluding royalties). This is more than 14% of all corporate taxes paid in Australia in FY2022. According to figures released recently by the Australian Tax Office (ATO), BHP was the largest taxpayer in Australia in FY2022.

BHP Chief Financial Officer, David Lamont, said: “BHP is a major contributor to Australia’s national economy and regional communities through jobs, training and agreements with local and indigenous suppliers, and through significant taxes, royalties and social investments.

“BHP has delivered more than $100 billion in taxes and royalties to federal and state governments over the past 10 years. We will continue to support Australia’s economic prosperity as we work to deliver the minerals needed for global economic development and decarbonisation.”

For further information about BHP’s Tax Transparency Disclosure FY2022, click here.

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