June 18, 2024

Industry News

Fortescue Welcomes Chinese Premier Li Qiang In Perth

Fortescue has welcomed H.E. Li Qiang, Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, to its green technology and test facility in Perth, marking an historic moment in the company’s two-decade business relationship with China. Fortescue´s executive chairman, Dr Andrew Forrest AO, was joined at the company´s Hazelmere prototype facility by Fortescue Metals CEO, Dino Otranto, and Fortescue Global Ambassador, Elizabeth Gaines, in welcoming Premier Li and Chinese government officials.

Fortescue is committed to working with its Chinese partners to build a supply chain aimed at providing green iron metal to China by capitalising on the abundance of solar and wind in Australia, the existing financial and technical capabilities of China’s manufacturers of innovative green equipment, and Fortescue’s green tech and iron ore supply. Earlier in the day, at the Australia-China CEO Roundtable in Perth, Dr Forrest said: “A fully integrated green iron metal supply chain between Australia and China is the key to China maintaining its position as the dominant global producer of steel to the world. Our ambition is to provide 100 million metric tonnes of green iron metal to China each year, eliminating more than 200 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions”. Dr Forrest added that green iron metal would help defeat the challenging pollution and smog issues surrounding some of the world’s biggest cities. It will bring down global emissions dramatically and will help prevent the world from seeing a worsening of the lethal humid heat belts that are already driving losses in human life, livestock and productivity in India, the USA, China, South America and Africa.

Fortescue Metals CEO, Dino Otranto, said: “From the very beginning, Fortescue has invested heavily in technology and building genuine and trusting friendships with our Chinese partners, underpinning the success and longevity of what has been a mutually beneficial partnership. Today, China remains the key market for our iron ore business, and we now look forward to building new relationships in a green focused world”. Mr Otranto also said he believed that partnering with China to help send its steel industry green would be a major benefit to both economies and to bilateral relationships, shoring up Australia as China’s reliable and preferred commodity supplier.

For further information, visit the Fortescue website: www.fortescue.com