December 11, 2023

Industry News

InfraBuild launches innovative reinforcing product SENSE 600®

InfraBuild has launched a new reinforcing product which will reduce the amount of steel needed to construct buildings, bridges and other infrastructure. SENSE 600® optimises higher strength steel and innovative bar design in a product which uses approximately 16.7% less raw material yet has the same load capacity as 500N product.

“We’re very pleased to be at the forefront of innovation and to advance both our own and the construction industry’s decarbonisation journey,” InfraBuild CEO Francisco Irazusta said.

SENSE 600® provides up to a 35% reduction in embodied carbon compared to the company´s standard grade reinforcing solution, enabling customers to lower their scope 3 emissions. Scope 3 emissions are defined as emissions which a company is indirectly responsible for – up and down the value chain – and which can account for more than 70% of a company´s carbon footprint, according to Deloitte UK.

The development of SENSE 600® illustrates the importance of having close relationships with academia to create solutions for the future challenges of the construction industry, according to Mr Irazusta. “We’ve combined InfraBuild’s idea and knowledge of customer needs with the technical capabilities of the University of NSW and Monash University to come up with a product like nothing else in the industry,” he said.

With an ambition to be carbon neutral by 2030, InfraBuild is decarbonising its manufacturing processes, using 100% scrap in its two EAFs and playing a key role in the circular economy.

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