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Market Commentary by:  ASA – Australian Steel Association

Australia´s construction sector is facing many challenges including rising labour costs and supply chain disruptions, Nevertheless, the steel industry remains resilient and is serving as a cornerstone for infrastructure development. Steel suppliers, traders, distributors and downstream manufacturers continue to play a vital role in providing essential materials for projects across Australia. Members of the Australian Steel Association (ASA) are integral to this process, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality steel products to meet the demands of various construction initiatives. For the ASA and its members, access to locally made and imported products has been a central concern, particularly regarding the dominance of local producers in the Australian market. Imports have and continue to provide essential competition, offering an alternative source of supply and fostering market discipline. Therefore, the Australian Steel Association continues to lobby for a fair and open playing field for all steel users in the Australian steel industry.

At present, infrastructure and renewables are key drivers of demand for steel, as data from law firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth highlights. Government support for renewable energy initiatives and advancements in digital infrastructure are both fuelling demand for steel in construction, electrical componentry and telecommunications networks. The steel industry is also undergoing a transformative shift towards sustainability, driven by collaborative efforts to reduce carbon emissions and adopt greener practices. Sustainable mineral processing and green steel programs are paving the way for low-carbon steel production and innovative recycling technologies. ASA members are actively involved in these initiatives, leveraging expertise to drive positive environmental outcomes and to support Australia’s emissions reduction goals. Import mills are most certainly highly focussed on sustainability and a reduction of carbon intensity in supply. The ASA is dedicated to fostering dialogue and collaboration within the steel industry through events focused on key priorities. The Association will continue to put the spotlight on ESG and carbon reduction in the global steel industry and will facilitate discussions on emerging trends and best practices. Such events offer valuable opportunities for members to exchange ideas, gain insights and shape the future direction of the industry. The ASA´s website is: http://www.steelaus.com.au

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Aarbro Steel Trading

Aarbro Steel Trading is an Australian-owned steel supply company based in Queensland. Although only commencing in 2014, the owner of the business has been in the steel distribution and manufacturing industries for more than 35 years. The market segments we service include marine (specifically wharf, jetty and dolphin fabrication), oil, gas and water, plus mining and general fabrication. We also provide a range of quality tubular products for various Australian distributors/stockists. We understand what is important to our clients, so we provide a seamless ‘end to end’ supply chain – from sourcing to shipment, customs clearance to local delivery, in Australia or the Pacific region. Aarbro Steel can manage all the importation requirements for you. With our extensive knowledge of Asian manufacturers we can offer our clients quality products, manufactured to the highest standards, delivered on time and in full. Unlike many who buy from offshore, we know who is manufacturing our product in Asia because we deal direct. We do not use third party Asian traders or pay attention to their fancy websites!

Whatever your steel supply needs, the team at Aarbro Steel Trading will be pleased to discuss how best to meet your specific requirements. Aarbro Steel Trading is your entrance to Asia. Our website is: www.aarbrosteeltrading.com.au


Northline’s customers operate in a global marketplace. We’re there to connect you to your customers and supply chain partners across the world through efficient, responsive and competitive international freight management services. We operate a door-to-door import and export service, dedicated to providing customers with the quickest and most economical solutions to get their cargo where it needs to be and when it needs to be there. Our international network transports, stores, tracks and delivers freight by road, rail, sea and air across the globe. This service seamlessly connects into our domestic network and modern operating facilities. In addition to major cities, we service key industries in regional centres, small towns and remote communities with reliable freight services. Furthermore, we specialise in developing unique freight management solutions for outside the square situations. It doesn’t matter what you need moved. Whether it’s small or large, irregular or cumbersome or even a bulk quantity – we can move it, arrange storage and distribute it anywhere in Australia and beyond. We can accommodate a full container load, less than container load, steel, project logistics, and over-dimensional loads.

For more information or to discuss your business needs, contact Steve Brogan, Business Development Manager – International. Mobile: 0488 410 445. Email: [email protected]