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Market Commentary by:  ASSDA – Australian Stainless Steel Development Association

The stainless steel industry in Australia plays a pivotal role in manufacturing, supplying critical infrastructure and serving hygienic applications such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage production. These are fundamental to our national safety and standard of living. Like much manufacturing in Australia, challenges such as a high and fluctuating Australian dollar and rising labour costs have led to a reduction in the industry’s size over the past two decades, with annual apparent consumption averaging 85,000 tonnes. However, the industry is poised for growth, driven by several key opportunities.

Stainless steel offers vital support to the renewable energy industry through its corrosion resistance and durability, serving in solar PV structures, wind turbine components, hydropower infrastructure and energy storage technologies, such as hydrogen production. It will also be a key material in many carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) technologies. As renewable energy adoption grows, the demand for stainless steel in these sectors is expected to rise, presenting significant opportunities for industry expansion and innovation. Defence is another growth sector where stainless steel offers critical advantages in applications such as naval and maritime construction, aerospace components and infrastructure and support equipment. There is also a growing demand for high-performance stainless steels, including duplex stainless steels, mainly due to their superior corrosion resistance and high strength. Such steels have increasing usage in coastal infrastructure, structural applications, chemical processing, and oil and gas industries. Furthermore, stainless steel will be key in the green transition as it often outperforms other materials in its carbon footprint over the life of the product. At the end of life, stainless steel is 100% recyclable, with a recycling rate of 95% globally, 70% of which is used to make new stainless steel. Indeed, stainless steel contributes to circular economy practices through its longevity and life-cycle characteristics.

Despite the promising opportunities, the local industry faces several challenges, including intense competition from international manufacturers and fluctuations in raw material prices. Without a local stainless steel producer, Australia operates as a project-oriented market with significant investment in local fabrication capacity, employing thousands and developing skilled trades. To remain competitive, the industry must excel in innovation, quality and service, while addressing the perception of high cost when compared to other materials. Upholding competitiveness will also depend on the adoption of digital technologies to increase capability and effectiveness. The promotion of stainless steel as a material of choice and its many benefits is crucial in supporting this, and the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association (ASSDA) plays a critical role in this endeavour. Established in 1992, ASSDA focuses on fostering the understanding and use of stainless steel by enhancing the competence and efficiency of the industry through promotion, education and training initiatives. ASSDA provides technical advice and offers fabricator accreditation as it strives to cultivate an innovative, proactive and member-responsive culture. The continued success of the Association is made possible by the invaluable support of its 160+ member organisations. For more information about ASSDA visit: www.assda.asn.au

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Dalsteel Metals

Founded in 1968, Dalsteel Metals has grown to become one of Australia’s largest independent stockists and distributors of stainless steel and aluminium products. With office and warehouse facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Dalsteel serves customers nationwide with a commitment to quality, service and reliability. Dalsteel’s inventory includes a comprehensive range of stainless steel products, including sheet, coil, plate, bar, sections, tube, pipe and fittings. Specialty alloys such as duplex, super duplex and titanium are also sourced from world leading producers. Aluminium rolled product such as sheet, coil, plate, treadplate, ‘propeller’ plate, stucco coil and various extrusions also make up an extensive range of standard stocked products.

Whether it’s delivering from stock or fulfilling larger indent orders and special product requirements from a proven network of knowledge and global contacts, Dalsteel has an extremely experienced team committed to providing personalized service, technical expertise and timely delivery to ensure customer satisfaction. Whatever your requirement, your local Dalsteel service centre is ready to assist. Visit www.dalsteel.com.au/contacts for our contact details and experience the Dalsteel Metals difference today.

Australian Stainless Distributors

Australian Stainless Distributors Pty Ltd (ASD) has proudly served the Australian market for more than 20 years, supplying a range of stainless steel and aluminium sheet, plate, tube, bar and fittings. Our products cater to both domestic and industrial sectors, supporting industries such as manufacturing, sheetmetal, laser cutting, energy production, balustrading, and food and beverage. With service centres in Melbourne and Brisbane, ASD ensures daily deliveries to the eastern seaboard and weekly shipments to all other states and capital cities across Australia.

We prioritize high-quality customer service and competitive pricing, positioning ASD as a market leader in stainless steel and aluminium distribution. Whether it’s next-day delivery, processing jobs or direct orders from overseas mills, ASD is dedicated to meeting all customer needs. Additionally, our ability to source and deliver other metals reflects our commitment to comprehensive service. All materials supplied by ASD meet Australian standards and specifications, and material certification is available for every product sold. For sales enquiries, please contact our Melbourne office on (03) 9799 8188 or our Brisbane office on (07) 3266 6211. For further information, please visit: https://stainlesssteelasd.com.au/contact-us/

Hobson Engineering

Hobson Engineering is more than a fastener wholesaler; we are an engineering company with extensive knowledge of stainless steel and decades of experience. Our qualified engineers and trained product managers understand stainless steel and actively work with industry professionals to find the best solution for any application. Knowledge in this sector is critical to support the industry and stay committed to best practice and high quality.

Hobson invests heavily in ensuring stock is always able to meet demand. We sell a full range of 304 and 316 bolts, nuts, screws, washers, rivets, anchors and threaded rods. Additionally, we stock Neptune® high-strength A4-80 and BUMAX® true high-tensile 8.8 and 10.9 stainless steel bolts. BUMAX® is world famous for developing the world’s strongest stainless steel bolt, which is ideal for demanding applications. BUMAX® products are manufactured in Sweden and are only available in Australia through Hobson Engineering. Stainless steel’s strength and excellent corrosion resistance make it the perfect choice for various applications. Our stainless steel range brings out the best in projects and minimises maintenance costs while maintaining a professional appearance. For quality products and industry expertise, you can rely on Hobson.

Midway Metals

Established in 1982, Midway Metals is a 100% Australian-owned company which operates from eight locations around the country. We are a leading supplier of stainless steel products including coil, sheet, plate, bar, tube, pipe and fittings. However, at Midway Metals we do much more than simply sell stainless steel. We have an exclusive range of unrivalled, in-house processing capabilities. In fact, it is our extensive offering of processing equipment and services which sets us apart from our competitors and which reinforce our position as the industry leader in all things stainless steel. We are passionate about meeting the industry´s needs and will continue to deliver on our promise to be the leader in quality, service and innovation. To find out more about Midway Metals, visit: www.midwaymetals.com.au