November 6, 2023

New Zealand News

SCNZ´s 2023 Excellence In Steel Awards

Steel Construction New Zealand (SCNZ) distributed its annual awards in Queenstown in late October at an event attended by more than 200 structural steel industry leaders and specialists. The awards showcased the sector’s commitment to innovation, best practice and collaboration. The SCNZ´s charter is to advance the interests of New Zealand’s steel construction industry by promoting the benefits of steel solutions in building and infrastructure projects. Members include manufacturers of structural steel and steel products, distributors, fabricators, designers, detailers, galvanisers, and paint and building supply companies. “Our local industry has maintained its program of investment in cutting-edge plant, machinery and technology. These advances in technology have made it possible to construct highly complex steel structures that were previously out of reach,” said SCNZ chairman, David Moore, who is also managing director of Grayson Engineering. Later in this summary we´ll list all the category winners.


However, given that a theme at the event was the importance SCNZ places on organic growth, we´ll commence with the Apprentice of the Year award which went to Red Steel employee, Caleb Ireland. “Caleb has become a diligent and dependable employee who inspires others with his ability to learn quickly and collaborate,” said Alister Varcoe, workshop manager at Red Steel. It’s the second year in a row that Napier-based Red Steel has produced an Apprentice of the Year, and the third time since the award was introduced in 2016. The Young Achiever of the Year award was won by Bridget Young, who gained degree in mechanical engineering before joining Grayson Engineering as a junior engineer in 2021. She now manages eight projects. “If you are passionate about something, don’t let anybody tell you what you can or cannot do. You are only as good as you believe you can be,” Young said on accepting the award, whilst admitting that working in a traditionally male-dominated industry has had its challenges.

The SCNZ´s David Moore said it was gratifying to see increasing numbers of young people choosing a trade as a career path. “As a well-established industry we have a duty to ensure we impart our knowledge and skills to the next generation of structural steel specialists. This will safeguard the future of the sector and support our economic recovery,” he said. At present, more than 10% of the total workforce employed by local structural steel contractors are in a training program and 70% of structural steel contractors employ an average of five apprentices.

The other winners at the 2023 awards ceremony were:

Supreme and Over $3M category – MJH Engineering for One Whitmore Street.

$1.5M – $3M category – VIP Structural Steel for LPC Straddle Crane Workshop

$500K – $1.5M category – All Steel Services for Tryp Hotel

Under $500K category – Cambridge Steel Fabricators for Cambridge Tree House

Earthquake Strengthening category – Jensen McArley & Associates and Jay Cee Welding for HB Central

Standalone Residential category – Black Steel Mobile for Ōrākei Basin Home

“The high calibre of entries (received this year) was testament to the industry’s ongoing commitment to raising the bar,” said David Moore. “The high standard of projects is also a reflection of the professionalism demonstrated by the fabricators, builders, architects and engineers that collaborate to bring these projects to life,” he added. For detailed information about the projects that each award winner submitted for consideration, go to the SCNZ website:

* This month´s New Zealand Steel News was authored in-house by Australian Steel News