SMS-Aust 18 Sept

September 18, 2023 Steel Market Summary – Australia Climate And Raw Ingredients  Point To Higher Prices The Australian market is being buffeted by winds from varying directions, with a resultant upward pressure on steel prices. Indeed, a glance at our graphs reveals the trend may have already begun. In the past two weeks alone, the […]

The steel feedstock index

The Steel Feedstock Index The Steel Feedstock Index (SFI) is a creation of the Australian Steel News (ASN) newsletter and is not found elsewhere in the sector. Whilst it doesn´t show the actual cost of buying steel in the Australian marketplace, it does show the month-to-month change in the combined price of the ingredients proportionally […]

SMS-Int Sept23

September 6, 2023 Steel Market Summary – International China´s “Chicken Or The Egg” Steel Dilemma Politically and economically, the first 20 years of this century were a breeze for China. Surging annual GDP figures were accompanied by largely unchallenged geo-political expansion. However, since the pandemic began, the country which makes almost 60% of the world´s […]

SMS-Aust 6 Sept23

September 6, 2023 Steel Market Summary – Australia Chastened BlueScope Steel Reports $1 Billion Profit Events during August shone a light upon a wise business rule of thumb. First do your cost-benefit analysis, then make your decisions. Sometimes those decisions have a sound economic base, but awkward to live with, and sometimes they have harsh […]

NZN Sept23

September 6, 2023 New Zealand News Volumes Down As Recession Fears Rise The so-called Super Cycle of economic activity initiated by governments around the world to stimulate their economies out of the Covid-19 downturn created a buoyant 2022 fiscal year. But since then the cycle has trended downward and the New Zealand economy is once […]