Wire Products SPF Nov23

Special Product Feature WIRE PRODUCTS Market Commentary by:  AWIA – Australasian Wire Industry Association The Australasian steel wire industry is underpinned by the construction, agricultural and mining industries. Through the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, governments throughout Australia significantly boosted spending on infrastructure projects which had a flow on effect for all companies involved in […]

SMS-Aust 18 Oct

October 18, 2023 Steel Market Summary – Australia Government Report Predicts Iron Ore Price To Slide Australia is at one and the same time a large player in the global steel market and a small one. We sit at the large table because we supply China with more than half of the iron ore it […]

SMS – Aust 6 Oct

October 6, 2023 Steel Market Summary – Australia Steel Industry Heartened By The Need For Housing The fundamental strength of the Australian economy allowed it to come through the pandemic and the supply chain crisis in reasonably good shape. Likewise, the current cycle of interest rate increases has not (yet) had a catastrophic impact. In […]

IIC Oct23

October 6, 2023 Industry Insider Column Guest Author – David Roberts, Trading Director at Sanwa Do Good CSR And ESG Levels Mean My Business Is Healthy? Firstly, what do they stand for? CSR is no longer the Sugar Refining Company. These days it means Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG is what they call Environmental Social […]

SMS-Int Oct23

October 6, 2023 Steel Market Summary – International CBAM Phase 1 Commences In Europe Steel trading nations around the world will be closely watching the progress of the European Union´s new carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM), which began its initial stage last Sunday. CBAM is the world´s first system to impose CO2 emissions tariffs on […]

NZN Oct23

October 6, 2023 New Zealand News Housing Down…..Hipkins Next? The opinion poll lead that Christopher Luxon currently enjoys over Chris Hipkins as preferred prime minister suggests there will be a change in government after October 14. And while the role that Winston Peters may play in any eventual coalition remains to be seen, one thing […]

Scrap Metal SPF Oct23

Special Product Feature SCRAP METAL Market Commentary:  Green Steel Revolution To Boost Scrap Metal Demand Steel scrap metal has never been more relevant to the steel sector because it will soon play a key role in the solution to the industry´s greatest problem: the fact that steelmaking accounts for 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions […]