Steel Market Summary – Australia

February 19, 2024 Steel Market Summary – Australia Green Steel Edges Closer To An Economic Reality The management of a fundamental source of Australia´s economic prosperity should – and will – change in the very near future, according to two eminent Australians. Renowned economist, Professor Ross Garnaut, and economic public policy expert, Professor Rod Sims, […]

SMS-Aust 7 Feb

February 7, 2024 Steel Market Summary – Australia Steel Industry Receives $200M In Clean Energy Drive The Federal Government has announced the allocation of $200 million in total funding to BlueScope Steel and Liberty Steel Australia (parent company of InfraBuild) as part of its Powering The Regions Fund. The grants are the first to be […]

SMS-Aust 18 Jan

January 18, 2024 Steel Market Summary – Australia Cricket Season Weighs On Market Activity By mid-January, a lot of people have somewhat reluctantly returned to work. However, with the cricket season still in full flight, their thoughts remain on captain Pat Cummins, or on the beach or at backyard bar-b-ques. In these entirely understandable circumstances, […]

SMS-Aust 5 Jan

January 5, 2024 Steel Market Summary – Australia Year Ahead Has Plenty Of Pot-Holes And Potential The Christmas gift that keeps on giving is the rally in the iron ore price. Its January 2 level of $141 m/t (seen in our graph) represents a 30% premium on its January 3 price of a year ago. […]

SMS-Aust 18 Dec

December 18, 2023 Steel Market Summary – Australia Rising Sentiment And Prices At Year´s End There is enough encouraging data circulating in the steel world – and the world at large – to feel optimistic about 2024. True, the upward trend in steel prices is not generally welcomed, unless you are the seller. However, rising […]

SMS-Aust 6 Dec

December 6, 2023 Steel Market Summary – Australia Market Direction Unclear Amidst Mixed Messages According to the new governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), Michelle Bullock, most Australian businesses and households are doing fine. Yes, she admitted, the RBA’s rapid rate hikes had hit households very unevenly, causing some “challenges” and creating a […]

SMS-Aust 18 Nov

November 18, 2023 Steel Market Summary – Australia Steel Prices Rise In Defiance Of Negative Global Sentiment Since Covid-19 suddenly appeared almost four years ago, the Australian steel industry has not been the master of its own destiny. First, the pandemic shut everything down; then the supply chain problems blocked everything up. The war in […]

SMS-Aust 6 Nov

November 6, 2023 Steel Market Summary – Australia Steel Demand In The Lucky Country It is almost 60 years since Donald Horne wrote “The Lucky Country”, a damning critique of Australian complacency. But instead of embracing the book´s core message, generations of Australians have preferred to use the book´s title to imply that Australia is […]

SMS-Aust 18 Oct

October 18, 2023 Steel Market Summary – Australia Government Report Predicts Iron Ore Price To Slide Australia is at one and the same time a large player in the global steel market and a small one. We sit at the large table because we supply China with more than half of the iron ore it […]

SMS – Aust 6 Oct

October 6, 2023 Steel Market Summary – Australia Steel Industry Heartened By The Need For Housing The fundamental strength of the Australian economy allowed it to come through the pandemic and the supply chain crisis in reasonably good shape. Likewise, the current cycle of interest rate increases has not (yet) had a catastrophic impact. In […]